Sharon WentzWhile enjoying dynamic physical movement that simultaneously tones the mind and body, we plant seeds of change on our mat that foster mindful living, learning, and connection with our fellow beings. Regardless of what fills the hours, our yoga practice can significantly alter our experience and perception of what “is.”

My practice began in my parents’ basement as a teenager. My sister and I giggled at ourselves balancing on one leg in Tree Pose, surprised at our struggle. I felt a refreshing sense of ease by a source of movement that was challenging yet kind, unlike the competitive sports I’d grown passionate and adverse to. I felt permission to work towards something without having to win. Through the years, time on my mat has improved the way I relate to the world.

An Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500 Hours (E-RYT 500), I’m a Classical Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, though my teaching style is one that gathers intelligence from many schools of yoga. I graduated from Eight Limbs Yoga Center in 2004 (RYT 200), and The Temple of Kriya Yoga (RYT 500) in 2006. My teaching inspiration derives from exploring the dynamic healing and toning that occur through posture, breath, meditation, and the deep and beautiful layers of yoga philosophy.